Jani Lovelace LMT

I began my career at The European Massage Therapy Institute in San Antonio, Texas, in 2002.

In 2007, I earned my Associates in Occupational Studies at New York College of Health Professions. I was honored to study among the most accomplished and brilliant Chiropractors, Neurologists, Medical Doctors, Osteopaths and Massage Therapists in New York. At NYCHP, my focus on Eastern and Western modalities for whole body wellness greatly influences my work today. Integrating acupressure points, intuitive massage and a deep understanding of human anatomy, has enhanced the healing process for my clients.

Upon graduation I began working at a Wellness Center where I gained hands-on experience working with a diverse clientele. I took extensive training in advanced techniques, which broadened my scope of practice.

During that time, I became more interested in the clinical/medical application of massage and its benefits. I decided to devote my time to learning how to distinguish myself from the relaxing "spa" massage and into a deeply effective medical massage. To achieve this I learned to approach the body as a whole, with the knowledge that everything in the body is connected.

The types of massages I practice are Medical, Neuromuscular, Acupressure, Reflexology, Sports, Pre/Postnatal, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release and Reiki. I incorporate these techniques into your massage to help further your healing process.

Five years ago, I had the opportunity to open Spicewood Medical Massage. I have watched it grow into a place of healing, learning, and community. With so many choices out there, I feel grateful for my referral based clientele. Having integrated with other health providers, Spicewood Medical Massage is part of a network dedicated to your health and wellness.

I am proud to operate my business in Austin. It's a wonderful place to call home. I enjoy spending time in the great outdoors with my two children and my sweet rescue-pup, Shelby.
11615 Angus RD ste. 219, Austin, TX 78759
Chrissy Grams-Schnelle LMT

As young as I can remember it has been my dream to help people achieve wellness. I began my journey to obtain my goal in 2000 studying at Florida College of Natural Health. There I obtained my National Certification in licensed massage therapy. Immediately following my graduation  I worked at the Walt Disney World Resorts. As a native Texan, my home and my family were calling me back. Upon returning to Austin, I decided to further my education and received my Bachelor's degree from Texas State University. I graduated with Honors in Exercise Sports Science with an emphasis in Physical Therapy, learning about sports injuries, acute and chronic injuries, rehabilitation and exercises to help facilitate healing and improve quality of life for my clients.  After much thought I decided not to further pursue Physical Therapy and took my new knowledge and invested it in my practice. I prefer a more hands on approach and  felt that massage therapy was where my true passion was. I have worked at many top spas in Austin over the years, as well as chiropractic offices.
Throughout my career I have been  part of healing a diverse clientele, including our very own Texas Longhorns, along with many other professional and collegiate athletes.
The types of massage I practice and incorporate in my treatments are Swedish, Sports, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, Acupressure, Nueromuscular, and Pre/Post Natal massages.
Carmen Gray

I have always been a seeker of enhancing my quality of life on all levels, as well as guiding others in optimizing their lives. It brings me joy to see people healthy and content.

I began my career as a Reiki Master in 2015, after many years of studying Kundalini Meditation and practicing many types of yoga (Hatha, Nidra, Ashtanga). Reiki was a natural evolution in my understanding the healing process and delivering powerful results. I discovered that it came very naturally to me. I have certifications at the master level in: Reiki, Mayan Light Language and Vibrational Sound Therapy.I found that the use of Vibrational Sound Therapy (using focused crystal singing bowls), in conjunction with reiki, provide a highly beneficial healing experience for my clients.

I compassionately assist my clients in transforming negative emotional patterns and healing themselves. This helps, not only in the emotional/psychological sphere, but also in the physical plane. I guide my clients to release patterns that no longer serve them, allowing them to feel lighter and have more capacity for living their best lives.

When you agree to a session with me, I tune into your energy field to make proper adjustments. I will begin a session with Vibrational Sound Therapy to bring you into a relaxed state. Then, I begin my work on you with Reiki. At the end of the session, I will bring you back gently and we discuss what we both noticed during the session. This helps you to understand any underlying blocks you may subconsciously have in your life. These subtle, yet powerful discoveries are significant in healing yourself.

For more information on evidence of Reiki therapy in pain management and treating anxiety, check this link: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4147026/

For more information on how Vibrational Sound therapy promotes physical and emotional health, go here: https://www.medicinanarrativa.eu/sound-therapy-and-well-being-some-scientific-studies