"There is no reason to live in pain."

Our mission at Spicewood Medical Massage is to bring
 massage to a higher standard and help people incorporate
 massage into their wellness plan and daily lives.

At Spicewood Medical Massage, the safety and wellbeing of staff and guests is always the highest priority. Here are some of the steps we have taken to keep everyone happy and healthy:

  • After every session, linens are removed and replaced in the treatment room. This includes all sheets, towels, and the cover for the head rest. Clean linens are stored in closed cabinetry.
  • Lotion bottles, skin care product bottles, and stretch equipment are wiped down with a disposable disinfectant and sanitizing cloth.
  • Objects that are frequently handled, such as phones, keyboards, toilets, door handles, massage stools and tables, counter tops, and cabinets are regularly cleaned with a disposable disinfectant and sanitizing cloth.
  • A Dyson brand Hepa Air Filtration System is used to keep any germs at a minimum in the treatment room.
  • Hand sanitizer is used frequently.
  • Masks are worn by both client and staff.